tiny drops
Digital Intelligent Pest Control

Our Technologies and What We Do

Founders Idea

“One night, I was lying in bed and couldn’t sleep because mosquitoes were buzzing around my ears. Inspired by the wish not to be bitten I had the idea to track the mosquito’s position by its sound and to eliminate it with a laser beam. In the cold light of day, the laser seemed too dangerous. Soon enough, my digital printing experience led me to a new approach: What if I used drops of insecticide and an ink jet instead?”

The Concept

Based on this idea, we developed a concept that has been granted a basic patent in Europe, the United States of America, Australia and Russia. The essential point is the use of very fine, intelligently targeted drops that are produced by technology based on ink jet printing heads.

Our aim is to develop a device that detects the presence and position of mosquitoes based on the spectrum of their wing beat and attracts them. As soon as the insect are in reach, the device releases very fine, targeted drops of insecticide, eliminating the insect.

Current Application

It has been possible to attract mosquitoes up to a distance of 30cm, rarely closer. Otherwise it would be possible to apply simpler methods like an electrically charged screen.

Our prototype is a 30 x 30 x 30 cm device that is to be positioned indoors on the floor. For best results it can operate 24 hours. A closed indoor location, such as a bedroom, could be kept mosquito free to a large extent.